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Dragon's Keeper
Fantasy Thriller Novel
(e-book published Jan 2000)
(published by iUniverse March 2005)

The Electric Midnight
Fantasy Thriller Novel (Sept 1997)
(scheduled for publication January 2006)

Model Railroader Magazine
Freelance cartoonist
Single-panel cartoons (Jan 2005 Issue)
Single-panel cartoons (April 2005 Issue)

Street Of Dreams
Poems (June 2001)
(self-published June 2001)
Graphic designer, Artist, Webmaster, Coffee Lackey and Janitor
Website; Online Resume and Portfolio of original writing and artwork. (Feb 2001 to present)

Eddy Brock: The Mulrooney Caper
Cartoons for Matt Chatelain's Eddy Brock: Brockville Detective book series (1999)

Canadianize! VIA Rail F-Units
Designer and co-writer (written with Tim Reid)
How-to guide for model railroaders (1997)

Hey Cabbie!
Writer and Artist
4-panel comic strip (1998-2000) Assorted newspaper publication

Mississauga Pulse
Editorial Cartoonist
Editorial Cartoons (1985)

Mind The Gap
Musician (bass guitar, half-assed keyboards, headphones-onna-head guy)
Helmed experimental music group; dissolved in 1987

The Leaves And The Lumberjack
Writer, Artist & Animator
4-minute 16mm animated short (1982)


I was born in 1961, in Zweibrücken, Germany as Andreas Robert Lachner. I became Rik Berryere after a stint in a C atholic orphanage when I was adopted by a Canadian family living on the RCAF base in Zweibrücken. I've always known the circumstances of my arrival in the family, and thus there's never been anything particularly dramatic about it - most of my friends are more fascinated about it than me, to be honest. Growing up in Canada in a variety of places throughout the Dominion left me with a curiousity about travelling and the different places that lie beyond the back yards we take for granted.

In school I did pretty well... daydreamed a lot, wrote stories and doodled cartoons in the margins of my workbooks. I pretended to be a musician for a while, and fooled myself enough to become involved in a string of bands most people have never heard of. That's good for us all. I've always loved writing and cartooning, and spent some time at Toronto's Ontario College of Art where I wrote my first wannabe novel about a rock guitarist who suffers the angst of superstardom. Trust me - that thing will never see the light of day. Restlessness drove me to try studying animation, and that was a misfire from the starting gun - painting endless cycles of duck feet seemed little different from making toolboxes in a factory. Having done both, I can salute those who do, but it sure wasn't for me. I ultimately left post-secondary education without any real idea of where my niche was in the world, and decided to go on walkabout for a while. Maybe be a rock star. Maybe meet a girl who wore full-length leather coats. Maybe flap my arms and fly to the moon.

The musical ambitions, such as they were, washed up on the shores of reality in the mid-eighties, and I cheerfully sold off my basement studio - but not before recording the infamous synthesizer tune Chocolate Rabbits in 1985. 49.8% of everyone who has ever listened to Chocolate Rabbits emphatically agree that the entire music industry dodged a bullet with that one.

Sixty-four jobs later (or more) I published my comic strip, Happy Faces Cab Company - eventually retitled Hey Cabbie - and it ran on a weekly basis for slightly more than two years before succumbing to newspaper budget monsters. I also discovered motorcycles, and began to explore a few of those places 'beyond the back yard' while I wandered across Canada and the United States on my beloved 1979 Yamaha XS11SF. I fell in love a few times, wrote bad poetry, got back into model railroading, drank more coffee and wrote another wannabe novel, Pirate Radio, about a pair of high-school friends who launch a pirate radio station out of the trunk of their car. It was no jewel, but compared to the rock-guitarist drek from a few years ago, it had something special. A spark, a touch of something real and unique. And it lit that curiousity that I hadn't really paid attention to for some time - the curiousity of discovering where stories go once they're set in motion.

I set about to write my next book - then called In The Eye Of Chaos, which was completed in 1997. It concerned the story of a night-shift radio disc jockey who notices that reality is slowly slipping into disconnected chaos, which nobody else does. It explored the deepening themes that fascinated me as a writer - fantasy situations beyond imaginings dealt with by ordinary, human means. The story garnered little notice.

So, after some motorcycle riding, too much coffee, a few more jobs and a heartbreak, I started writing my next book Dragon's Keeper, a fantasy-thriller about a missing dinosaur skeleton that just may be a fossilized dragon. It was a hell of a tale, but it also garnered no break from the publishing world. I self-published Street Of Dreams, a collection of poems and thoughts which appeared from time to time on this website, and then tried publishing Dragon's Keeper as an e-book in 2001. That was a strange experience, let me tell you.

After marrying my wife-to-be Deborah and moving to Vermont (motorcycle paradise!) in 2002, Dragon's Keeper was published as a POD (Print-On-Demand) novel by iUniverse. The decision to go this route wasn't taken lightly - I've seen a lot of POD books that, to be gentle, could use a little 'tweaking'. But it's also hard to market something that doesn't exist, and... well, the physical quality of the POD books is great, so... if I went that route, it would be up to me - and me alone - to make sure the story between the covers was worth the purchase price.

So far, I've been pretty happy with the Dragon's Keeper adventure. It's not selling quickly, but it is selling steadily - and the feedback has been amazing. People who read the book are into it, and can't understand why it's not being published by any of the big houses. Well... at any rate, the next book, Electric Midnight will be following Dragon's Keeper onto the market in winter 2006. We'll see what happens then, huh? If it sells enough so I can have extra mushrooms on the Friday-night pizza... rock and roll!

The next book to come will probably be The Book Of Souls, a story set in the Dark Ages about the beginnings of the sorcerer who created the dragon Saerilophas from Dragon's Keeper.

Currently, I live in a shaded little nook with my wife Deborah and stepson Zach, work on my N scale trains, tinker with vintage Yamaha motorcycles and listen to the Amtraks going by.