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This is my second novel, and the first to be unleashed on the public. In 2000 it was available as an e-book on the Internet, and what an interesting experience that was... (?)

Dragon's Keeper began as a question I asked myself one evening driving home after a session at the local model railroad club. Specifically; why don't railway locomotive engineers ever get to Save The World? Everyone else has gotten a crack at it, so why not the poor, forgotten railroad engineer?

As it turned out, the railroad engineer doesn't get the Big Chance here either. Sigh. (Sorry, Brotherhood Of Locomotive Engineers. You were this close!) But a railroad mechanic, a housewife, a railfan and a lawyer? That's where it begins, one cold night in the dying weeks of winter...

What would happen if the bones of a real dragon were discovered today? And who might be searching for them? And if that dragon were to be resurrected, why should we even be afraid? These are the first footsteps that take us into the world of Dragon's Keeper and the lives of a group of very ordinary people caught in a dark mystery that began nine hundred years ago. And when these very ordinary people find themselves on the wrong end of a myth that's not supposed to exist, they have to find extraordinary faith, courage and trust. And fast.

These are people you would recognize every day: Creek Morgan is an Aboriginal single father, struggling to find his identity between his job as a railroad mechanic, his culture as a Native Indian and his role as a dad to beloved eight-year-old daughter Terry. Judith Mills is a dedicated scientist who discovered the dragon bones; and George Pakuchek is the polished big-city lawyer who discovers his heart. Shelley Rogers owns a struggling re staurant and her best friend Eva Reed is a housewife whose cherished husband needs a miracle, and Neil Dayton is a young man whose entire life revolves around taking pictures of trains.

The story pits these very ordinary people against a frightening evil that has been waiting for its moment a long, long time - and they have no weapons, no time and no chances to make a mistake. Something terrible has opened its eyes, and before the night is over the Dragon's Keeper will have returned, and the end of everything is as close as nightfall...

- Rik

Creek Morgan is a railroad mechanic troubled by nightmares he doesn't understand. Eva Reed is a grieving young woman whose husband lies comatose in a hospital bed. George Pakuchek is a big-city lawyer working on a case he didn't want, and Neil Dayton is a young man running in fear. In the last moments of a bitter winter night, their li ves are changed f orever when a freight train crashes in an isolated forest and reveals a secret that had been lying forgotten in the North - the first fossilized bones ever found of a genuine dragon.

But Creek's elderly grandmother remembers disturbing fragments of a Native Tiyakbuk legend, and Creek himself discovers the train crash is an enigma; impossible and unexplainable. George Pakuchek, hired to gather evidence to sue the railroad, finds himself facing evidence of a kind he would never have believed before, but now...

Something dark is moving in the cold night forests, something evil has arrived and the clues are written in a cryptic diagram on an abandoned city apartment wall. But time is running out, and for a tiny group of ordinary people the line between myth and reality is about to be wiped away forever....

Trade Paperback
Publication Date: Mar-2005
Size: 6 x 9
Price: $32.95 (Price may be lower through different retail outlets)

Price: $5.00 (Price may be lower through different online outlets)
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Author: Rik Andreas Berryere
ISBN: 0-595-34904-8

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Barnes& (Canada) (Great Britian)
Five out of five stars!
Review from Barnes& Nov 2007

"This is a very well written fantasy, and the characters and their interactions are convincingly portrayed. The happenings are a mystery that gradually move toward an explanation in the final pages. The book is long, but held my interest through out, and I recommend it to all lovers of highly imaginative fantastic fiction."

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